What Do You Charge?

Rates and retainers vary depending upon the nature of the engagement from $250-$450 per hour, plus travel and other expenses, expert costs, copying, and search engines.  Representation for new clients does not commence without a signed Contract Of Legal Representation.  On rare occasions, cases may be undertaken on a contingency fee basis.

Do you represent only businesses?

No, over the years both businesses and individuals have been clients. However, in recent years most clients are businesses.

Do you represent primarily defendants or plaintiffs?

Over the years, I have represented both plaintiffs and defendants.  It is the hallmark of professionalism to represent all clients with one's best effort, knowledge, training and experience. As an example, would you want to go to a surgeon and have that surgeon cut you differently based upon whether you are a catholic or protestant, U.S. citizen or foreign national, American Indian or African American?  No, of course not.  You want the surgeon to be a professional and use his or her best effort, knowledge, training and experience to treat you as any other person.  The same is true with regard to my approach to legal representation.